Quilt Appraisal

I got the professional appraisal of “Color-Blind Coffee” back in the mail today. It was appraised at $560.00! Woohoo!

Pirate Flag mini quilt

Yay, I can post this now! Toni was my partner in the ALQS round two swap. What are the chances? I know literally it was like 1 in 66, but c’mon – the ONLY person I actually KNOW, online OR in real life, was my partner? Anyways… 😀

I figured that the Quilting Pirate needed a Jolly Roger, since she didn’t have a quilted one yet! I made his kerchief purple, her favorite color. The squee on her voicemail made me think she liked it. 😉 I was pleased, because for the first time, I think, my binding came out PERFECT. Whee for me!

Flamingos! *squee*

I got a package last week from Toni (The Quilting Pirate) that had all sorts of fun flamingo-ness! I hadn’t gotten a chance to take pictures and upload them until now.

There was a super cute tall, skinny (10″ x 80″!) flamingo wall hanging pattern, two small embroidery kits (a flamingo ghost and a…not sure what I’d call it, but he’s cute :D), an ornament, and some neato flamingo garlands. Whee!!

And pictures to boot! Sorry the lighting sucks…I did the best I could with the bad weather and bad lighting in my sewing room.

Isn’t this funny? I love it!