Jelly legs

I took a lesson tonight with Thomas, one of the assistant coaches. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement: for me, I got the opportunity to break out of a routine (i.e. taking lessons with the same coach for years) and improve my mental flexibility while also addressing ongoing bad habits with a coach, and for him, the opportunity to give an advanced fencer a lesson (while I don’t consider myself advanced in terms of overall competition, I’m definitely advanced for the UT club – 10 years will do that to you!) with constructive feedback on his coaching skills from a former coach.

Oh. My. God.

My legs hate me right now. They’ve been jiggly since the lesson. He started off a bit quicker than I expected – advance-lunges with various blade set-ups. I needed a bit more of a warm-up, but I managed okay. The lesson went well overall, but not as smooth as either of us would have liked due to getting used to each other as coach and student. I’ll have to do a repeat in the future. 😀

First night back…in 15 months, eek!

I suppose that whole “older and wiser” thing does actually apply. DH and I had our first night of fencing practice tonight, and left early so we’re not TOTALLY dead tomorrow. I took a lesson at 5:00, we fenced about 4-5 people each, did some coach-led footwork drills with the rest of the club, stretched, and left. I think my legs may fall off tomorrow, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

My lesson went well. The coach is starting with basics, as I’ve got some old bad habits and some new ones from being out of fencing shape. It apparently took, as I got two touches in different bouts using what we worked on – and one was in my bout against the coach. Thankfully, too, it was not only the “lesson touch” but it was also perfectly executed AND looked pretty! *proud* I also only lost on bout tonight, and it was when I fenced the coach. While my fencing could have been better (ya know, in practice and in shape!) it certainly wasn’t piss poor and a few of the hard-wired reflexes are still intact, yay.

Off to bed early tonight…after I get a good rub down with some IcyHot. 😀