Miniature Booty Swap

Made this for the Miniature Booty Swap, holiday edition…wonder who it’s for? 😀 I’m going to assume that most of the participants don’t check every participating blog to try and guess which quiltlet is theirs, and I’m also relatively anonymous. I haven’t done this swap before, but I was asked to participate because I’m friends with Toni. 😀

I goofed a bit on the paper-piecing, but it worked out okay. I got the last bits for my package ready today, and once I get the ornament in the mail it’ll be ready to send off!



I’m working on a miniature quilt for the holiday Miniature Booty Swap. The pattern I chose is a 12-inch paper-pieced block that I blew up to 18 inches. I’ve only got three sections left to piece (one of which has about 20 pieces), but then it’ll be done.

I’m always torn about PPing. I love the results – crisp, clean, pointy points, neatly pieced designs that have a different feel than applique, and the ability to piece itty bitty things and have it actually work. I dislike, however, the time it takes, the waste of fabric, and having to concentrate for that long in my sewing room. It’s such a pain to rip out and redo if you’re fabric is off just a bit, for example. I’ve gotten much better at it through this project, and this is the first time I don’t have crazy weird excesses of fabric in the seam allowances. (Thank you Toni for showing me your trick for that!)

I’ll post pictures after the recipient has received it. Given what she requested, it’ll be pretty obvious who it’s going to!

Round Robin, first border

You might remember the bug fabric block I made for another round robin. I decided that I would keep up with the progress of my block, as I have that group on my Google Reader, so I’d see it anyways. I LOVE the first border that Carrie put on my block! She used the fabrics I sent for the stars and green border, but chose the black from her stash. I think it looks great!

I’ve been working on a paper-piecing project for the Miniature Booty Swap. I found the *perfect* pattern for my partner’s preferences. I enlarged it, added seam allowances (silly pattern didn’t have them!) and I’m about halfway done. I’m glad I did, too, not just for the finished size of the mini quilt, but because I can’t imagine some of those teeny-tiny pieces in just a 12″ block! 😯 I can’t post pictures, though – I will once she’s received her quilt. 😀 I love the results of PPing, but I don’t care for the doing part of it. I find it tedious and think that it requires too much concentration.