It’s been awhile…but I got my groove back!

I finally broke out of my crafting funk!  Anyone still here to read about it?

I decided to make Kiarda her first big quilt (I made her a small floor quilt before she was born for tummy time and the like).  The focus fabric is the paisley that I used to make her room decor stuff.  I’ve had this pattern and fabrics hanging around since before she was born, and I figured now was a good time to make it for her.  It took about 20 hours total.  I’m particularly pleased with how my binding came out (save the one off miter on the back by the label, the only one that got photographed, go figure!).  I used Sharon Schamber’s gluing method, and MAN, that binding is damn near perfect.  I’ll be using it every time – it’s so worth the results!

Kiarda loves her new quilt!  She got all excited this morning when I gave it to her.  She proceeded to dance on it, roll all over it, pretend to go to sleep on it, and just be silly on it.  While she likes to get tucked in on the couch, she still doesn’t want blankets in her crib, so she’s not currently using the quilt for covers at sleep times.  Ah well…in due time.

Here are a few pictures of the silliness:

She’s got a pretty good downward dog, dontcha think?

The label. I decided at the last minute to use some of the leftover binding around the label, and I like how it turned out!  “Futterflies” is how Kiarda says “butterflies” right now, and it seemed appropriate given the backing fabric.

I also found a mini quilt – likely a round robin quilt in progress, from the looks of the piecing – in my UFO pile tonight.  I think I inherited this from somehwere, because I can’t for the life of me place where it came from.  It did have the coordinating fabrics with it to continue adding onto the center.  I opted to just square it up as is, quilt it, and bind it.  I’m pleased with my binding, but I’m still figuring out what the “magic” strip length is so that I can machine stitch down the back of it and not have too much extra overhang.  I went with 2.25″ on this one, and I think 2 1/8″ woudl be perfect.  Ah well.

Again, I didn’t piece it.  It did lay flat, though, so that’s good.  It came out ok overall though!

Miniature Booty Swap Quiltlet

I got my quiltlet done tonight for the Miniature Booty Swap. I’m running a bit behind (today was the mail date), but it’ll go out tomorrow so it should be A-OK. This swap was a kitchen quilt swap – and in addition to the quiltlet, we had to come up with a dishtowel to coordinate. I made a little crocheted one with variegated red/white yarn, to be used as a dishcloth for washing dishes rather than drying them. The yarn started out making kind of a cool pattern, but then it changed. I tried to square it up when done, but alas, no luck. It also has bits of pink where the colors transition…I hope it’s okay!

My partner said she has retro red, white, and yellow in her kitchen, so when I saw the little bee fabric (a 30’s repro I actually LIKE) I knew it was perfect! I like vertical layouts on quilts, but don’t usually make them, so I decided to do it here. I left the inner columns (note: I *hate* that quilting instructions call them “vertical rows”!) shorter on purpose, to draw attention to the vertical aspect. It is just quilted in the ditch, and backing fabric is the WoW of the front, which has little line hearts on it.

ALQS replacement

I recieved an adorable little quiltlet from Kate today. She hostesses the ALQS miniature quilt swaps. My first time to participate resulted in the mail losing the quilt sent to me, but Kate was generous enough to make me a replacement one. I love it! It’s bright and cheerful, and in one of my favorite colorways. I think I’m going to hang this one either in my sewing room or near my computer desk so I can admire it frequently. 😀

Hawaiian quilt, part II

I finished the applique, yay! It went much faster than I expected, as well as turning out better than expected. I will get pictures up this week. I need to get it basted so I can start quilting it!

Miniature Booty Swap

Made this for the Miniature Booty Swap, holiday edition…wonder who it’s for? 😀 I’m going to assume that most of the participants don’t check every participating blog to try and guess which quiltlet is theirs, and I’m also relatively anonymous. I haven’t done this swap before, but I was asked to participate because I’m friends with Toni. 😀

I goofed a bit on the paper-piecing, but it worked out okay. I got the last bits for my package ready today, and once I get the ornament in the mail it’ll be ready to send off!


Round Robin, first border

You might remember the bug fabric block I made for another round robin. I decided that I would keep up with the progress of my block, as I have that group on my Google Reader, so I’d see it anyways. I LOVE the first border that Carrie put on my block! She used the fabrics I sent for the stars and green border, but chose the black from her stash. I think it looks great!

I’ve been working on a paper-piecing project for the Miniature Booty Swap. I found the *perfect* pattern for my partner’s preferences. I enlarged it, added seam allowances (silly pattern didn’t have them!) and I’m about halfway done. I’m glad I did, too, not just for the finished size of the mini quilt, but because I can’t imagine some of those teeny-tiny pieces in just a 12″ block! 😯 I can’t post pictures, though – I will once she’s received her quilt. 😀 I love the results of PPing, but I don’t care for the doing part of it. I find it tedious and think that it requires too much concentration.

Pirate Flag mini quilt

Yay, I can post this now! Toni was my partner in the ALQS round two swap. What are the chances? I know literally it was like 1 in 66, but c’mon – the ONLY person I actually KNOW, online OR in real life, was my partner? Anyways… 😀

I figured that the Quilting Pirate needed a Jolly Roger, since she didn’t have a quilted one yet! I made his kerchief purple, her favorite color. The squee on her voicemail made me think she liked it. 😉 I was pleased, because for the first time, I think, my binding came out PERFECT. Whee for me!

Mini quilt

Yay, I can post this! Karen receieved her quilt today. I had forgotten to take a picture, so I’m “borrowing” hers. 😀


I just mailed off a little mini quilt today, but I didn’t take a picture of it. *face smack* I was a “quilt angel,” which means I made a quilt for someone whose partner fell through with her obligation. I wasn’t part of this swap, but Toni was hosting it and posted a request for a quilt angel. She asked for warm colors, which I also love.

I was sad to find out that this woman was participating in her first mini quilt swap. That’s a bummer – to get burned your first go-’round. I put a note in with her quilt and told her I hope she wasn’t deterred from participating in future swaps, as 99% of the folks that play do their part, and often go above and beyond. I’m hoping that she will post a picture of it that I can swipe. 😀


The Austin Area Quilt Guild biennial show was this weekend. There were lots of great quilts, including many made by friends and fellow bee-members. I did some volunteer work, including check-out at the end which was crazy hectic. My mom came down on Saturday from Dallas for the show. She behaved herself well overall, but some things are just never going to change…

I found multicolored variegated embroidery floss, which made me very happy! I also got three more mini wholecloth pre-printed quilt tops, a Halloween embroidery pattern, and a needleworked scissor case handmade by a guild member and sold in the boutique (all proceeds go to the guild). I’ll put pictures up tomorrow, as the camera is currently dead and I need to look for the extra batteries.

Here are a few of the quilts. I didn’t get pictures of all of them (there were more than 400!), but I got quite a few and put them up in a Photobucket album.

Here was the Best In Show. It also won Excellence in Design and 1st place in the Art Quilt Category. It was made by Bill Horne, who works at The Quilt Store here in Austin. He’s the first male quilter to win a BIS in Texas!

Here are my two quilts! I met my goal of not getting reamed by the judges. I have a few minor things to work on but overall I got good comments. I even got a “lovely hand stitching” from a judge who is known to have a critical eye for handquilting! Whee!

(My little one blended into the grey curtain, bah.) Not a good picture – can’t see the wholecloth design! Oh well.

Here are my favorite two – the picture came out small on one of them, though:

Here’s a close-up:

This Hawaiian quilt got Excellence in Hand Quilting and 1st in the large applique cateogory. This is my long-term quilting goal – to make a Hawaiian quilt. I can only hope it will be as intricate and beautiful as this one:

Show Quilts…DONE!

Yay! The Austin Area Quilt Guild show is this weekend. Colorblind Coffee will be entered under the handquilting category, and Steely Sun will be under the kit category. I just finished putting the sleeve on CBC tonight.


It’s done!

Close-up of quilting on front:

Close-up of border quilting design:

Everyone seems to like the quilting pattern viewed from the back of the quilt:

Steely Sun. It’s only 16″ square!

Close-up of design and quilting:

Sunflower Quilt

Yay, I can finally post this! 😀 I made a mini quilt for Toni, as life has thrown her a few curveballs lately. I used this block for a birthday block swap, and I knew she’d like it…but in a mini quilt form! She called me today to say that it had arrived safely. 😀

I didn’t realize that I didn’t get a picture of the whole quilt (DOH) but you can get the general idea from the close-up pictures I did get. It is hand-embroidered and hand-quilted. It was also my first attempt at mitered borders, and they came out well overall.
Quilting close-up:

I added the yellow running stitch for an accent that wouldn’t overpower the center:


Practice in Purple

Toni (The Quilting Pirate) will appreciate this one. 😀 I’m going to use her idea for displaying my little quilts, too! 😀

I ordered a few miniature quilt tops from a woman on Ebay for about $10 each. They arrived today, and they’re very well made (points, size, lay flat, etc.). I thought it would be a good way to work on specific quilting techniques with minimal hassle – and I’d get a finished product quickly. 😀 I received my two tops today, and finished the first one. I was working on my stitch-in-the-ditch, which I don’t do often (because historically, I’ve not been good at it) and microstippling. The SITD came out very nicely, as I was using my overcast foot with the little guidebar right in the middle of the foot. That helped a LOT – it’s perfect! I also, surprisingly, had NO tension issues with the FMQ. Yay!

Finished quilt. It is 16″ x 16″:

You can see how the log cabins “pop” out with the denser background quilting with it hanging off the edge of the ironing board here:

Close-up of SITD and fabrics:

Back of quilt (pictures taken before the sleeve or label is put on):

Close-up of FMQ (sorry, it’s a little blurry):

This is the other top I bought. I’m still thinking about what I want to work on with regard to quilting it…It’ll probably be something FMQ-related, but I’ll have to come up with a design just for it. I am going to call this one “Oceans Away!”


Close-up of the fabrics. There are two batiks and two Fairy Frost fabrics, very pretty!