2009 Summer Nationals, Day 4

Div2 Women’s Epee went well for me, overall! I was seeded 40th (out of 113) initially, the last of the “C” rated fencers in the event, as I had the oldest C (a C05). My C will expire at the end of July, and turn into a D09. *sniff* I earned it right before I started my grad program at Texas State, so I didn’t compete for 2+ years. Ah well.

I went 4-and-2/+6 in pools, which put me seeded at 34th. Top 80% after pools went up to the DE round, so 39 people got byes into the round of 64. It took FOREVER for DEs to start; I think it was over two hours between my pool ending and when I got to fence my first DE bout. I won my bout in the round of 64 easily, and then lost 15-11 in the round of 32 to the #2 seed. I didn’t think her fencing was all that special – she was a “one-trick pony” her her circle-6-fleche-to-the-body – but I couldn’t move my feet fast enough to deal with it. Did I mention she’s half my age? Yeah… oh well. She lost in the next round to a fellow Texas fencer who had been in my pool.

I got a little revenge, too – remember when I lost at sectionals 15-14 to a beginner, and therefore didn’t qualify for Div1-A? She was in my pool. She lost 5-1. /snark off

One of my online quilting friends came up to see me and DH fence on Saturday! I was really surprised that she wanted to drive that far (about an hour) to come watch. It was really nice of her. My HS French teacher and her husband also came, and stayed for the entire tournament. I can only think of a handful of tournaments that I had a personal cheering squad. 😀

DH fenced Div3 Men’s Epee. He did AWESOME in pools – won all six bouts and was seeded 3rd after pools. He won his first DE but lost the second one in the round of 32. He was a little annoyed, as both fencers he fenced were weird and erratic, which is hard to fence against.

ALQS replacement

I recieved an adorable little quiltlet from Kate today. She hostesses the ALQS miniature quilt swaps. My first time to participate resulted in the mail losing the quilt sent to me, but Kate was generous enough to make me a replacement one. I love it! It’s bright and cheerful, and in one of my favorite colorways. I think I’m going to hang this one either in my sewing room or near my computer desk so I can admire it frequently. 😀

Mini quilt

Yay, I can post this! Karen receieved her quilt today. I had forgotten to take a picture, so I’m “borrowing” hers. 😀


I just mailed off a little mini quilt today, but I didn’t take a picture of it. *face smack* I was a “quilt angel,” which means I made a quilt for someone whose partner fell through with her obligation. I wasn’t part of this swap, but Toni was hosting it and posted a request for a quilt angel. She asked for warm colors, which I also love.

I was sad to find out that this woman was participating in her first mini quilt swap. That’s a bummer – to get burned your first go-’round. I put a note in with her quilt and told her I hope she wasn’t deterred from participating in future swaps, as 99% of the folks that play do their part, and often go above and beyond. I’m hoping that she will post a picture of it that I can swipe. 😀

Miniature quilt swaps

I’ve spent a fair amount of time today trying to figure out what I want to do for a few miniature quilt swaps I’m in. For one of them, I know what I want to do for her little quilt, but I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to do it. The other one I found a great paper-pieced block that seems to fit the description of what she wants (it’s for a holiday swap), as everything else I was finding just didn’t seem to fit the bill. Both projects will require me to make a run to somewhere with a copy machine, as the images/block sizes are a bit too small for being the ONLY block/image used. 😀 One of them is an applique design, and making it larger will also inevitably make it easier to make.

Of course, I can’t POST any pictures of what I’m thinking about, as the swaps are secret in nature. As my blog is listed on both swap sites, there’s a chance that one or both of my swap partners will come peek at my blog and put two and two together…and that just can’t happen. 😀 So, my dear two readers, will have to wait to see what I make after the recipients get their quilts!


My ticker went up almost 150 pings in the last 24 hours (!!!) …and to my knowledge, I only have three readers! Please comment so I can say thank you for visiting my humble little blog.

*does a happy dance*

LJ Round Robin

I forgot to post pictures of the border I made! I got this done on Friday. The girl that made this one didn’t put much of the same fabrics in with her block (less than a FQ of each), so I improvised with some from my stash and some from what she sent. The border I had originally intended would have used the better part of two of the three fabrics.

I added the blue border and the tan border with the four-patches. The blue is the same shade as the darker blue in the blue print. The tan isn’t actually lighter; the tan in the block has red and blue flowers on it, and the fabric I used is a tone-on-tone and is the same color as the tan in the blue floral fabric.