The Austin Area Quilt Guild biennial show was this weekend. There were lots of great quilts, including many made by friends and fellow bee-members. I did some volunteer work, including check-out at the end which was crazy hectic. My mom came down on Saturday from Dallas for the show. She behaved herself well overall, but some things are just never going to change…

I found multicolored variegated embroidery floss, which made me very happy! I also got three more mini wholecloth pre-printed quilt tops, a Halloween embroidery pattern, and a needleworked scissor case handmade by a guild member and sold in the boutique (all proceeds go to the guild). I’ll put pictures up tomorrow, as the camera is currently dead and I need to look for the extra batteries.

Here are a few of the quilts. I didn’t get pictures of all of them (there were more than 400!), but I got quite a few and put them up in a Photobucket album.

Here was the Best In Show. It also won Excellence in Design and 1st place in the Art Quilt Category. It was made by Bill Horne, who works at The Quilt Store here in Austin. He’s the first male quilter to win a BIS in Texas!

Here are my two quilts! I met my goal of not getting reamed by the judges. I have a few minor things to work on but overall I got good comments. I even got a “lovely hand stitching” from a judge who is known to have a critical eye for handquilting! Whee!

(My little one blended into the grey curtain, bah.) Not a good picture – can’t see the wholecloth design! Oh well.

Here are my favorite two – the picture came out small on one of them, though:

Here’s a close-up:

This Hawaiian quilt got Excellence in Hand Quilting and 1st in the large applique cateogory. This is my long-term quilting goal – to make a Hawaiian quilt. I can only hope it will be as intricate and beautiful as this one:


Show Quilts…DONE!

Yay! The Austin Area Quilt Guild show is this weekend. Colorblind Coffee will be entered under the handquilting category, and Steely Sun will be under the kit category. I just finished putting the sleeve on CBC tonight.


It’s done!

Close-up of quilting on front:

Close-up of border quilting design:

Everyone seems to like the quilting pattern viewed from the back of the quilt:

Steely Sun. It’s only 16″ square!

Close-up of design and quilting:


I got to the guild meeting tonight, only to discover that I had brought my embroidery…but not the floss. I came home to finding it sitting on the kitchen table. That’s what I get for missing my alarm and scrambling this morning. *sigh*

Productive Sunday!

1. Make and mail September birthday blocks.
2. Make border for LJ Round Robin and mail to the next person in line.
4. Decide on quilt design for ALQS swap (mail due date: November 10).

A goal that wasn’t on here (DOH) was to finish my blocks for a signature swap – DONE!

The Guild meeting is tomorrow, so I’ll have time to swing by the post office to mail stuff out between work and then. I won’t be coming home after work/before Guild, which is perfect for running that errand!

Edited to add…

Siggy swap block. That is my actual signature and handwriting, hand-embroidered.

This recipient asked for the Churn Dash block with a solid black background and solid jewel tone colors (Amish style). Sorry it’s blurry!

I thought the back looked cool with the white thread:

This person asked for Quilter’s Choice (meaning the maker chooses) for block in “country colors.” I used a mossy green and creamy marble, but the colors are a bit off in the picture:

This person asked for a Miniature Bow Tie block with unbleached muslin background and scrappy bows:


I still can’t believe I’m actually entering something in the Austin guild’s show this year…let alone TWO quilts…and lastly, two quilts that are both handquilted! Eek!

One of them is a mini wholecloth kit I bought for kicks. As there was a category for kits and the like, and this one is almost done (and coming along quickly) I figured why not. I’ll at least get some feedback on my quilting, you know?

Here’s a close-up…of the back. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either IMHO:

The other one is a pieced top, made with coffee-themed fabrics. I decided to call it “Color-Blind Coffee,” as the dots remind me of color blind tests. I figured out the quilting design tonight, and I’m excited about it. The piecing turned out well on this one, too, so it may actually have a shot of doing well in the handquilting category. It will have borders on it, but I don’t have the fabric yet.

The goal? Not to get eaten alive by the judges. As I feel that my hand quilting skills are better than much of what I see at shows, I think I may actually come out okay in the end. For grins, I decided to have the coffee quilt appraised at the show. I’m just curious…