Crochet baby car seat blanket

It’s been awhile since I last posted, but since summer nationals, I’ve a) been in a car wreck and getting over whiplash, b) had my sister’s wedding and all the craziness therein, and c) moved. Needless to say, I haven’t done much crafting! I did get this done, though.

I made two crochet baby car seat blankets, using a pattern by my friend Jennifer. One was blue and for my nephew-on-the-way and was given to his mom at a shower two weeks ago. I also did a purple one for a good friend, whose baby is due on Halloween that I’ll get to meet when I go to my conference in New Orleans in November. There is a hole in the bottom center so the car seat straps can hook through it. I took pictures of it on our friends’ baby, Mira. She makes a great model, don’t you think?


I found this super cute BOM online. The girl that makes it is about my age and Dutch. Her blog is in both Dutch and English, and she makes super cute stuff. The instructions/patterns are in English. I’m using fusible for the applique but doing hand embroidery for each one.

(Button at the bottom of the page)

I am going to use a little white in every month, so I can use white sashing to tie them together. That’ll also give me leeway to have fun with the background fabrics!

The January is done in orange floss that matches the nose. You can’t really see the detail on the buttons, but if you go look at the pattern you can see what it looks like there.

February. Outer heart stitched in pink, inner heart stitched in white.

Alzheimer’s Day – Make a Virtual Quilt Patch

Ami Simms posted this on her blog: “This Sunday, September 21, 2008, is World Alzheimer’s Day. It is a day to remember the 26.6 million people worldwide who have this vile disease that will eventually rob them of the ability to remember and to reason. It will take from them every skill they ever learned and every relationship they ever held dear. And for most, they will watch this thief at work in their own minds.”

Her mother, like millions of others, is suffering from this disease. The loved ones of those with AD are suffering as well – suffering from watching their loved one deteriorate, grieving the loss of the person they once were, and accepting the emptiness that they are slowly becoming. It’s heartbreaking. I worked at a nursing home prior to my current job, and it broke my heart watching the residents I had come to know and love take a turn for the worse as the result of this terrible disease.

So please, take a moment to create a virtual quilt patch in someone’s honor to remember them. And check out Ami Simms’s Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative – all proceeds from the quilt auctions go directly to research for Alzheimer’s.

Raising Awareness & Funding Research

Miniature quilt swaps

I’ve spent a fair amount of time today trying to figure out what I want to do for a few miniature quilt swaps I’m in. For one of them, I know what I want to do for her little quilt, but I’ve got to figure out how I’m going to do it. The other one I found a great paper-pieced block that seems to fit the description of what she wants (it’s for a holiday swap), as everything else I was finding just didn’t seem to fit the bill. Both projects will require me to make a run to somewhere with a copy machine, as the images/block sizes are a bit too small for being the ONLY block/image used. 😀 One of them is an applique design, and making it larger will also inevitably make it easier to make.

Of course, I can’t POST any pictures of what I’m thinking about, as the swaps are secret in nature. As my blog is listed on both swap sites, there’s a chance that one or both of my swap partners will come peek at my blog and put two and two together…and that just can’t happen. 😀 So, my dear two readers, will have to wait to see what I make after the recipients get their quilts!


I’ve been slowly adding blogs to my Google Reader…and after I got my e-newsletter today from Ami Simms, I got to add another! Somehow I missed that link to her blog on her homepage some time back, but I’m caught up now. 😀 If you have never heard of this fabulous lady, go check her out!


I am so totally going to have to buy all of BOTH the red and blue versions of Mark Lipinski’s upcoming Krakow line of fabric. I love them all!! Now what to make with them…