Three noteworthy things from the weekend:

I got Jöran back! He’s all spiffed up and ready to go now. *cheers* I haven’t had a chance to see how he’s running, but I will tomorrow. I’m glad to have him back. While I love Jenny, my seams are waaaaay more accurate on Jöran.

I finished quilting Cookies & Cream! I am going to block it and get the binding made and sewn on the front tomorrow. It’s almost done, and there is still three and half weeks until the show. Yay!

Only five more blocks to embroider for a siggy swap I’m doing. They’re coming along quickly!

The time has come…

…that is, taking Jöran (my Viking Sapphire sewing machine) in to be serviced this weekend. 😦 They said it could take up to two weeks, and is contingent upon not needing new parts (it shouldn’t, it’s less than a year old!), and it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. I won’t need it over the weekend, as the DH and I will be at a weekend-long LAN party (furkiddos will be kenneled). But man, I feel like I’m checking my right arm into the hospital or something. 🙄 At least I have Jenny, my trusty ’51 Singer, so I can do some piecing while Jöran is away.

I need to start two new projects – both are bright colors, whee!! I’m going cross-eyed looking at the browns and creams. I am halfway done with the quilting on the borders of Color-Blind Coffee, and then it will be ready for blocking and binding! Yay! The show is in about a month and a half, so I’m on schedule.

Need to make birthday blocks tonight.

I signed for Another Little Quilt Swap (ALQS) – read about it here! I’m hoping to meet some new folks in quiltblog land, and maybe get some traffic on this journal besides my two faithful readers. 😉 I love swaps, and I can’t wait to see what my partner wants. I enjoy the challenges with swaps.

They’re both done!

Cookies & Cream is finally done. It took me almost six hours to do the handwork on the binding alone – eek! My fingers are feeling it. I stabbed myself more than a few times, and the backside of the needle kept digging into part of my thumb. The quilt was just washed tonight (to pucker it, my favorite part!) and is currently in the dryer.

Quilt on our king-sized bed with the coordinating pillowcases:


Label (sorry, it’s a little blurry):

I also just finished making the sleeve for this one, which I called “Seeds of Summer.” The sleeve is too low, though, so I may take it off and redo it. I also haven’t washed this one yet, and I need to block it when I do. This little quilt is about 40″ x 40″ and is hanging in the office. It’s my ode to why I don’t finish my bindings by hand. About eight inches on the back actually looks good, but that was the last part I did and I tried using my overcast foot, which worked well. I had actually finished the top and quilting in May, began the binding in June, but got sidetracked when my sister-in-law came to visit. It’s done now!

Seeds of Summer:

Close-up of quilting. I did curly-Qs and wrote the word “summer” all over it in cursive every which direction. It’s interesting – my FMQ cursive is better than my handwritten cursive (which I NEVER use). Weird.