Michael (State of the Craft) and Finn (Pieces from my Scrapbag) have both put forth challenges – Michael, to make a list of general goals for the upcoming “quilt season,” and Finn, a list of UFOs that you aim to complete by New Year’s. I left my list of UFOs that I’ll work on in addition to other projects that will be coming up, including commission Christmas stockings (5 for that family), holiday gifts (usually table runners and the like), and at least one wedding quilt. Sheesh.

My UFOs for Finn’s challenge, as posted in her comments:
1. Leah’s pink and purple baby quilt (allllllllllll the way!*)
2. DH’s Zelda quilt (allllllllllll the way!)
3. Piece top of 2008 siggy swap blocks
4. Piece top of 2007’s b&w b-day blocks
5. Piece top of months of the year swap

*allllllllllll the way! = including binding and label

For Michael’s, I just need to set goals that will extend past New Year’s to say, end of May?

In addition to the list above…
6. Wedding quilt for Dina and Ben (Feb. 28)
7. Piece log cabin blocks and set them in a top
8. Make serious (read: > half) of the embroidery for the Winter Wonderland quilt
9. Make a graduation quilt for my SIL
10. (maybe) wedding quilt for my sister.

#10 is iffy, as I haven’t decided yet if I want to make one for her and her fiance. My sister is notorious for not appreciating things, and tends to throw stuff out. I’m not sure about her fiance, though, so it will require some reflection.

I said I’d make this post to keep me honest…we’ll see how well it works!