Sectionals, Day 1

Day one of the tournament…in short, I got “beginnered” in my direct elimination bout in my “main” weapon. I lost 15-14 to a brand new fencer who basically got me on beginner’s luck. It’s so frustrating, because it wasn’t like I lost because of something I did(n’t) do during the bout or got outfenced by someone better. I didn’t qualify for summer nationals this weekend in epee, but I have one more chance in two weeks. The tourney in two weeks isn’t going to be as good though, as I can only qualify for Division II and not Division I-A AND DivII. I’m actually really, really upset about this because a) I didn’t fence poorly today (rather well overall, actually), b) I “kept my head” better at this tournament than I have in a long time, and c) I’ve been working my @$% off all year with weekly private lessons, intensity at practice, etc. for this tournament and fell short. *sigh*

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if I had won that bout, I would have qualified for both Div I-A and II for epee. *groan*


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