ALQS replacement

I recieved an adorable little quiltlet from Kate today. She hostesses the ALQS miniature quilt swaps. My first time to participate resulted in the mail losing the quilt sent to me, but Kate was generous enough to make me a replacement one. I love it! It’s bright and cheerful, and in one of my favorite colorways. I think I’m going to hang this one either in my sewing room or near my computer desk so I can admire it frequently. 😀


3 Responses

  1. What a great quilt

    love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Good morning!
    Thanks for the comments on Gundo. Tell me, how old were your dogs when you got them? We are revisiting house breaking issues this morning. While I realize it is bitterly cold out here, a 30 min walk should result in something coming out! But no……. he has to wait until we are in the house! Any tips???? I guess it is just going to take longer than I expected for a 14 month old dog…….

    Classes start back on Tuesday and I have a very full load. I hope to survive for 16 weeks as this is my last full semester of classes. Hope that work picks up for you soon!


    • Beeker was about a year and a half, Bunsen was two and a half. Both were housebroken (courtesy of the rescue).

      For housebreaking…are you crate training? If not, that would be my first recommendation. If you are and it’s still not working, try to set up a routine where you take him out every half an hour until he does his business. Praise the heck out of him when he does, even take treats. He’ll catch on quick – GSDs are super smart, so it shouldn’t take long.

      If he’s 14 months…there’s no telling what exactly his history is. But, it’s never too late to teach!

      Good luck with classes!

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