Quilter’s ADD

Does anyone else have this problem? I not only keep about 83 projects going at a time, but I start one and get all excited about it, only to have it end up a UFO. Granted, I have other hobbies that take time (fencing, dogs, etc.) as well as trying to spend time with my DH, but still! I’m not sure why I’m like that. I’m good about finishing other stuff, so why can’t I seem to buckle down and finish quilting projects that don’t have a set deadline?

4 Responses

  1. No idea how you finish the other stuff, Anjea. I am surrounded by UFO’s in all areas of my life, hence the spacecamper handle.

  2. For me, quilting is a time consuming hobby. Mega time consuming if the blocks are complicated. It’s easy to get bored of “time consuming” projects and toss them aside for something newer and better.

    It’s also an overload hobby. There’s too much stuff to want. Beautiful fabrics, kits, patterns, etc. You walk by, find a new kit, fall in love and start it leaving the previous project behind.

    Frustration is another one for me. I set my standards to high, the quilt more complicated than I can do and find myself frustrated and feeling like a loser. Toss into the pile.

    Expense. I get scared to cut into that beautiful fabric. If I mess up, I may not be able to buy more. You end up frazzled and having a nervous breakdown while cutting and piecing.

    Envy. You see others that are doing the same quilt and they seem so much better than yours. If yours isn’t that good, why are you trying it?

    Does that help? If you’d like to see my quilting blog, check out http://www.quilted-with-love.blogspot.com/

    I’m using my machine embroidery blog as I type. Trying something new like the machine embroidery has really helped with the quilting blahs. If I get frustrated with one, I can move to the other.

  3. Yes and yes! So, every year (actually at this time and I’m going through right now) I got through my stash and UFO’s, if I haven’t touched it in a year I pass it on. I keep about 30 projects on hand.

    Maybe start each month with a goal of completing 2 tops and see how that works. Then stay out of quilt shops for a month ? Good luck, it’s not easy and it comes with self-disapline, but you can do it—if you desire to control the ADD….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Der, I have the same problem. Sewing, crocheting, cross stitching, writing, combing the cats, making dinner, raking the leaves, watching Dexter… I could go on. Mostly I just try to do what I can and feel only a little guilty about the rest. Mostly. ๐Ÿ™‚

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