Miniature Booty Swap

Made this for the Miniature Booty Swap, holiday edition…wonder who it’s for? 😀 I’m going to assume that most of the participants don’t check every participating blog to try and guess which quiltlet is theirs, and I’m also relatively anonymous. I haven’t done this swap before, but I was asked to participate because I’m friends with Toni. 😀

I goofed a bit on the paper-piecing, but it worked out okay. I got the last bits for my package ready today, and once I get the ornament in the mail it’ll be ready to send off!



6 Responses

  1. WOW, they are going to love it!! It’s beautiful!!

  2. It is stunning!!

  3. Hey You!!!!

    I finish school around the 12th and am counting the days. Most of my projects are finished, so I am taking some time to relax and do things that I have not been able to do for 16 weeks – like bake bread and blog! How are things going for you? how’s the hospital? Big plans for Thanksgiving??

    PS – gorgeous quilt as always!

  4. Oh man, I hope it’s for me 🙂

    We shall see! It’s getting mailed tomorrow… 😀

  5. Hi Anjea,
    I just love the cardinal (with the snow),
    you do such lovely work! It arrived today in the mail, and it is the perfect size for where I’m going to hang it. Thank you sew much!!!

    p.s. I have family that live near Dallas, my Dad, my sister & her family and my younger brother. The ornament is way cool y’all.

    you can visit my blog at:

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