Yet another pair for the closet shelf!

Those are The Best Fencing Shoes Ever. They are the asymmetrical fencing shoes made by Adidas…”made” being in the past tense. They were discontinued after only two years of production, and have become a rarity to find used or new. The shoe on the left is for the front foot (my left foot). You can see how the heel is reinforced and padded. The shoe on the right (my back foot) has the raised area with extra durable leather, as that is the area most likely to get worn down with repeated footwork and lunging. These shoes also have arch support, which is unheard of in fencing shoes, AND they have good traction. They’re as comfy as tennis shoes, and they wear well.

I planned ahead several years ago. A friend of mine went to summer nationals and offered to buy DH and me anything we wanted (on sale!), and we both requested these shoes. I was the lucky one – they had these shoes in my size because a) my feet are small for shoes that are only made in mens’ sizes, and b) I’m left-handed. He was jealous then.

I just broke into that pair a few weeks ago. My last pair of shoes lasted for four solid competitive seasons plus a season of intermittent fencing. They’re still in decent shape, but they don’t have traction any more. I happened to find another pair on the clearance page of an online fencing retailer – WHEE! DH is again supremely jealous. I looked high and low for his size, but they’re just not to be found.

I suppose it will be that much harder when these two pair are long gone, and who knows what kind of fencing shoes will be on the market?

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  1. I just happened across your blog. Two of my children have decided they want to do fencing. Can you give me any guidance on this? You can email me privately. I’ve asked someone else and he’s just too hard to talk to. :0) They took an intro class at the college (we live in San Marcos) and they loved it. I don’t know where to go from here as I can’t afford to buy equipment for two kids at this time. Any suggestions?


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