Productive Sunday!

1. Make and mail September birthday blocks.
2. Make border for LJ Round Robin and mail to the next person in line.
4. Decide on quilt design for ALQS swap (mail due date: November 10).

A goal that wasn’t on here (DOH) was to finish my blocks for a signature swap – DONE!

The Guild meeting is tomorrow, so I’ll have time to swing by the post office to mail stuff out between work and then. I won’t be coming home after work/before Guild, which is perfect for running that errand!

Edited to add…

Siggy swap block. That is my actual signature and handwriting, hand-embroidered.

This recipient asked for the Churn Dash block with a solid black background and solid jewel tone colors (Amish style). Sorry it’s blurry!

I thought the back looked cool with the white thread:

This person asked for Quilter’s Choice (meaning the maker chooses) for block in “country colors.” I used a mossy green and creamy marble, but the colors are a bit off in the picture:

This person asked for a Miniature Bow Tie block with unbleached muslin background and scrappy bows:


One Response

  1. ya know it’s funny to realize that you were on the phone with me over an hour to accomplish 2 of those goals? 🙂

    I guess I should do a weekly goal list too, being I’m a sewing-a-holic!

    Yes, well… 😀

    That’s not my weekly – it’s my monthly! Eek!!! (if it were my weekly)

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