Fencing pictures

It was requested awhile back that I post some fencing pictures. Unfortunately, most of the few that I had have been lost along the way in various computer crashes, most notably the two times my computer has been fried in a power surge. 🙄 Anyways, I have a userpic on my LiveJournal, but I no longer have the original. But here it is, in all of it’s tiny glory:

DH has a few OLD pictures (as in, back when I was fencing foil), but I’ll spare you. At least the userpic is a) the current weapon I fence (epee), b) depicting me in full uniform, and c) shows my yellow and grey bag in the background. 😀 That hat has long bit the dust, and the one I’m currently using during fencing is navy blue. I wear a hat to keep my mask from jostling around and also to keep my hair out of my face.

I’ll try to remember to take my camera one day, and also see if I can snag a picture that’s on the wall. It was taken at a tournament, and it’s the coach talking to me during a time out. I’ve got my mask on, and I’m holding my weapon behind my head, which is what I do when I’m being coached at tournaments. It’s actually a really good picture, has a nice artistic component to it, and captures the moment well.

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