Apparently, it’s the theme. This one (“Digg3”) only shows the name in uppercase and doesn’t show a tagline. I guess I’ll be diddling around with themes again. Darn.

EDIT: I think this one (“Connections”) will work. I’d rather it be blue than green, but I a) don’t know CSS, and b) don’t want to pay for the right to change it. So green it will be. The other option looks better visually, but you can’t use a custom header. And I want flamingos on my page! 😀


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  1. can you change the colors too? It took me awhile to get my theme set up as well. I really want to do more with my blog, but don’t have the time to play with the CSS coding.

    Flamingos are a must!

    Not without the CSS upgrade and/or knowledge of CSS coding. *sigh* It’d be turquoise, otherwise!

    I have the plastic flamingo flock picture that I’d like to use, but unfortunately it’s granulated when blown up for the banner. 😦 Ah well…

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