Link with Triforce

I promised DH sometime ago that I’d make him a quilt with Link from the original Legend of Zelda Nintendo game on it. Here’s the EQ6 workup. I started cutting it out today, but need to go buy the black fabric as I used what I bought for another project. Oops! It’s got to go on hold, though, as there are some other deadline-sensitive projects in line before this one. He got all goofy excited when he saw me putting it into EQ6 today, though. 😀

One Response

  1. How fun! Looks easy enough, I’m sure he will be so tickled!

    It’ll be easy. The only thing that will make me go cross-eyed is all of the black squares – I decided to do them that way for continuity. It would look weird to have rows of seams for part of it but squares for the others, you know? He’s super excited. 😀 I think I’m going to use the blue penguin batik I bought in Houston for him for the backing. A gold binding will look nice against that, AND he’ll get penguins!

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