I finally found a design layout that doesn’t do wonky things with the links in the sidebar, has colors that I like, and lets me use the custom header. However, the tag line doesn’t show, and I don’t like all caps for the blog name – anyone have any idea how to fix that? When I go to change the font color, the tag line shows up, but as soon as I save it it disappears. It’s really annoying…


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  1. Um, even with a custom header can you go to Settings under My Dashboard (on the right of the screen) and change it there?
    Not sure if that will help, but am crossing my fingers (because I know how annoying it can be trying to noodle with online stuff and it not staying put!). 😉

    Thanks! I had tried that, and it didn’t do anything. If I use a different theme, the tagline shows up. It’s just not working with this theme. I may be able to get a techie-geek friend’s help, assuming he’s familiar with CSS and the like. I hate when it’s something silly but aggravating nonetheless, you know?

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