New Quilter’s Home!

Yay, it finally arrived! I’ve been waiting for it, and was hoping it was in the box when I got the mail a few days ago. DH brought the mail in today, and it was in there. The cover features Mark Lipinski’s new newly-named long-haired chihuahua, Petunia. She’s such a cutie! She and Tulip look quite comfy snuggled up with the quilt and Mark. I hope both dogs continue to show up on the covers and throughout the magazine! 😀

One Response

  1. this gives me HOPE….I’m soo upset I haven’t gotten mine yet and others have. I even have an the LAST ISSUE at the shop on hold for me. Hopefully mine comes in the mail today!!

    Waiting is such a pain, isn’t it? I’m glad you finally got yours, though!

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