…just watched the semifinal bout for Men’s Team Sabre between the US and Hungary (a sabre powerhouse). We came back from 36-40 to win 45-44!! OMG!! We still have to win another to get a medal, and if they lose the next round, they would have to fence again for bronze. But STILL.

We also got SILVER in Women’s Team Foil – again, UNHEARD of!!!! We’re SECOND in the fencing medal count this year – *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

Fantastic Olympic fencing for Team USA.


2 Responses

  1. how cool!! I saw some of the fencing, but our focus was on Michael of course 🙂

    But of course. 😀 A lot of it didn’t get televised on NBC because the US wasn’t expected to medal…imagine that!

  2. Your blog seems really cool. I’m a cross stitcher myself, and a former foilist (too bad there’s no place around here–the Gulf Coast–to fence!).

    I just finished watching the men’s team sabre gold medal final and whoo! it got my heart pumping, too! I only wish we could have grabbed that gold… :/

    Thanks for stopping by! Where on the Gulf Coast are you? I know of a few clubs in the Houston area (I’m from Austin), one in New Orleans, and that’s as far as I know. How long did you fence for? I’m an epee fencer that plays with sabre, usually to their annoyance. 😀

    I wish we could have taken gold, too…but Keeth Smart gave a masterful performance, and sure did try! But still…6 medals for US fencing this year?!?!? I still can’t believe it!

    Hope to see you around!

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