Pillowcases to match Cookies & Cream

I decided to make two pillowcases to match the wedding quilt. I had a ton of the red fabric left over, but it was all long, narrow strips, hence it got used for the cuff. I used the all-finished seams pillowcase pattern for them.

As you can see, I got the binding stitched on the front of the quilt, but haven’t done the handwork on the back yet…

Here’s the needle I broke when I first started quilting Cookies & Cream. Deana had set the machine speed at 5, but I apparently move the machine faster than she does – so the needle deflection was more than the needle could handle. 😀 Impressive, isn’t it?

One Response

  1. impressive??? more like scary!! Need to wear safety goggles when quilting! 🙂

    The pillow cases turned out nicely!

    I thought so! I decided I really liked them with the little bit of brown. I’m typically partial to having more of the dark color, but I really like these! The quilt fits just right inside them, too! 😀

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