Cookies & Cream top…done! (FINALLY)

I can finally post something! I finally finished the top that is for the quilt for my brother-in-law and his soon-to-be wife’s wedding present. It’s the biggest top I’ve made so far – 88″ x 88″ – and in the pictures is shown on our king-sized bed. Eek! Fortunately, I get to quilt it on a longarm machine, so it should be downhill from here. The binding will be the same blue as the inner border, and the backing is a deep, rich red. Their house is painted in tans, and they have dark wood furniture with red accent pieces. 😀 I chose the colors long before I saw the house…spooky, huh?

It’s not my best piecing job. I rushed it, as I procrastinated putting it together, and it shows. The pieces are either pieced perfectly or they’re up to 1/2″ off. *sigh* Oh well. If it’s used as intended (bed quilt) then it won’t matter, as you won’t see them from a distance. They’re more obvious in the pictures because it’s smoothed out and flattened, rather than bundled up on the bed. 😀 It will be bound in the blue fabric, which looks glowy in the picture but is in reality a beautiful French blue.

Angled view:


One Response

  1. OOOOO ahhhhh…WELL DONE!! They are going to love it! What are your next projects!?

    IThanks! I hope so…and that they don’t look too closely LOL. have to finish a baby quilt, and in line after that is Jason’s Link (Legend of Zelda) quilt. I have some other odds and ends working too, but I’ll post about them in the next day or so. 😀 Is the suspense just killing you?!?!?!

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