It’s coming along!

I’ve got about eight more stars and the half-stars along the edges, and then I get to tackle the border. That will probably take just as long, as it’s going to be a lot of hoop-turning – interlocking big and little circles. I may beat myself after that, but it’ll look good. 8)

From the back:

Close-up from the back:

Front. The line is straight; the quilt is kind of heaped in a pile, so it looks a bit wonky in the picture:


One Response

  1. it looks sooo good!! Your stitches are incredible!!

    Thanks! I’m still trying to work the kinks out of the “warm-up” that goes along with handwork, and that’s gotten better. Granted, the judges don’t scrutinize the back of the quilt, but I care, ya know?

    It’s amazing how fast something comes along when you can work on it every day. 8) I plan on keeping that trend going after this one is done *cough* as well…lets me ease into the morning and enjoy my cup of tea or coffee. 😀

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