Table runner for swap

I haven’t posted much, as I’ve been working on quilting Color-blind Coffee. I’ve been fortunate to work on it every day, on the bus going to work and for about 45 minutes before I have to *be* at work. That’s enough time to finish the outlines of approximately two stars, the large circles within the stars, and 3-4 of the smaller circles on the 4-patches. It’s coming along swimmingly. šŸ˜€

I just finished this table runner. It’s for a Christmas in July swap. We were assigned a partner (and you don’t know who you are receiving from), and you had to make them something relatively small but it had to be handmade. You could specify if you wanted Christmas-themed or winter-themed and whether or not novelty prints were okay. I asked for winter (as did my partner) and mentioned that I have a “thing” for snowmen and penguins. šŸ˜€

I chose this block because I thought it looked like a snowflake. Yes/no? It turned out well, IMHO. The quilting went off without a hitch, the binding was most cooperative, and the non-90 degree angles were really easy. I did have to do quite a bit of seam ripping on the blocks; I had sewn about half of the pieces before I realized I hadn’t set the seam allowance to a 1/4″, DOH. Grr. But still…it looks nice and professional in person, lays flat, and I’d keep it if I could. šŸ˜€

Christmas in July runner

Christmas in July close up

Label (I had issues with the perle cotton, but oh well):


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  1. Once again, that is absolutely gorgeous! I wish you would sell your work as you’d have a customer on the East coast for certain. How’s the job going?? Ever thought about posting some fencing pictures??


    Thank you! Arrangements can be made…and more likely as a gifting thing. šŸ˜€ Love, love, love the new job – I still can’t believe I got it! It’s everything I was wanting and then some. The other SLP I am working with is great; she reminds me a lot of one of my best friends so far as humor and personality quirks, and she’s quite knowledgeable and easy to get along with. The hubby and I basically took the last year+ off from fencing, as we were getting burned out. I’d like to start up again, but just need to get my rear in gear and do it. I really don’t have that many pictures, but when I get back home on Sunday I’ll dig around and look. šŸ˜€

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