I was working on the mini blue quilt on the bus on my way home from work today, and overheard a woman a few rows back (I was sitting in the front, in the rows of seats that face each other) comment to the guy next to her, “Would you look at what that girl is doing? I don’t have the patience for that. I couldn’t even fathom where to find it.”

It’s funny. I don’t see handquilting as an act of patience, other than it takes a long time to complete a project. It’s more of a meditation exercise, and it’s easy to get lost in the repetitive motion. But, I also work crosswords to relax, so maybe I’m just wired funny. 😀


2 Responses

  1. Interesting comment! I think of it as a skill and once you master or learn a skill it become repetition. It’s funny how others see us sometimes.

    I agree! It is a skill, but it’s not any different than other skills. I guess we’re just always surprised when someone else can do something we can’t/don’t, and as a result don’t understand how they can do it so easily!

  2. It’s a great skill that requires incredibly patience on top of it. I don’t know if it necessarily takes more patience than say reading a long novel. My eyesight keeps me from doing intricate work such as that!


    Sometimes it takes more patience to do something like read – it takes much more concentration (in my opinion) and if you’re tired it’s that much harder to do. I am finally able to read for pleasure again after four years of grad school (took the scenic route, LOL!) – I’m sure you can relate. 😉

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