I still can’t believe I’m actually entering something in the Austin guild’s show this year…let alone TWO quilts…and lastly, two quilts that are both handquilted! Eek!

One of them is a mini wholecloth kit I bought for kicks. As there was a category for kits and the like, and this one is almost done (and coming along quickly) I figured why not. I’ll at least get some feedback on my quilting, you know?

Here’s a close-up…of the back. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad either IMHO:

The other one is a pieced top, made with coffee-themed fabrics. I decided to call it “Color-Blind Coffee,” as the dots remind me of color blind tests. I figured out the quilting design tonight, and I’m excited about it. The piecing turned out well on this one, too, so it may actually have a shot of doing well in the handquilting category. It will have borders on it, but I don’t have the fabric yet.

The goal? Not to get eaten alive by the judges. As I feel that my hand quilting skills are better than much of what I see at shows, I think I may actually come out okay in the end. For grins, I decided to have the coffee quilt appraised at the show. I’m just curious…

2 Responses

  1. Awsome work…especially the hand quilting part..WOW!!

  2. Thanks! I must be crazy, though…

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